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Dai Williams (Tawerin)

By Mavis Williams Roberts Dai Williams was a founder member of Dawnswyr Tawerin and the anchor of the team. If Dai was there, everyone was comfortable. Not only a dancer, Dai was motivator, organiser and counsellor to the team. He smoothed ruffled feather and encouraged the hesitant. He and Ann were the threads that kept

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Summer Festival Fun

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer which can only mean one thing – it’s summer festival season! Over the next few months Welsh folk tunes, dances and rhythms will be heard all across Wales and beyond. If you visit our ‘Events’ page you’ll see a list of upcoming festivals. Of

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The Urdd Eisteddfod’s folk dance practice tracks 2018

Click here to download MP3 Tracks: Traciau ymarfer Urdd 2018 Length of dances The instructions indicate the number of times the Welsh Cwac, Bryn-y-Môr and Melin Crawia are danced. The Dawns Gwŷr Wrecsam practice track goes through the dance 4 times, but it could be danced any number of times. Second tunes The  tracks for

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6 days ago
Digon o hwyl gwerinol yn y brifddinas @cyngorcaerdydd dros y penwythnos gyda @dawnswyr_cdydd! Ffansi ymuno? Gwefan Gŵyl Ifan yw’r lle i ddarganfod mwy...! DawnsioGwerin photo
6 days ago
Folk fun in the capital @cardiffcouncil this weekend with @dawnswyr_cdydd! Fancy joining in? Visit the Gŵyl Ifan website to find out more: DawnsioGwerin photo