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Tribute to Ruth Agg

We have recently received the very sad news that Ruth Agg, a former member of Gwerinwyr Gwent has passed away after a period of illness. Ruth and her husband Rob were keen members for many years. As well as being an enthusiastic dancer, Ruth was also the team’s Publicity Officer. I would also like to

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Amserlen Tŷ Gwerin Timetable

If you visit this year’s National Eisteddfod and are interested in all things folk then Tŷ Gwerin is the place for you! Tŷ Gwerin hosts all folk and traditional events on the Maes and the Welsh Folk Dance Society are proud to be one of the project’s partners. Amongst this year’s highlights are the two Twmpath

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Dai Williams (Tawerin)

By Mavis Williams Roberts Dai Williams was a founder member of Dawnswyr Tawerin and the anchor of the team. If Dai was there, everyone was comfortable. Not only a dancer, Dai was motivator, organiser and counsellor to the team. He smoothed ruffled feather and encouraged the hesitant. He and Ann were the threads that kept

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2 weeks ago
Nos Sadwrn 8-12-18 am 19:30. Twmpath yn Neuadd y Gweithwyr Blaenafon - croeso i bawb! @blaenavontown DawnsioGwerin photo
2 weeks ago
Nos Fawrth yma - this Tuesday! @TheatrauSirGar Lyric, Caerfyrddin / Carmarthen 4/12/18 🎄🎅🏼 DawnsioGwerin photo