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Amserlen Tŷ Gwerin Timetable

If you visit this year’s National Eisteddfod and are interested in all things folk then Tŷ Gwerin is the place for you! Tŷ Gwerin hosts all folk and traditional events on the Maes and the Welsh Folk Dance Society are proud to be one of the project’s partners. Amongst this year’s highlights are the two Twmpath

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Dai Williams (Tawerin)

By Mavis Williams Roberts Dai Williams was a founder member of Dawnswyr Tawerin and the anchor of the team. If Dai was there, everyone was comfortable. Not only a dancer, Dai was motivator, organiser and counsellor to the team. He smoothed ruffled feather and encouraged the hesitant. He and Ann were the threads that kept

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Summer Festival Fun

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer which can only mean one thing – it’s summer festival season! Over the next few months Welsh folk tunes, dances and rhythms will be heard all across Wales and beyond. If you visit our ‘Events’ page you’ll see a list of upcoming festivals. Of

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3 days ago
Beirniaid answyddogol cystadleuaeth Tlws y Gymdeithas...! @eisteddfod DawnsioGwerin photo
4 days ago
Llongyfarchiadau i’r dawnswyr a’r stepwyr heno - uchafbwyntiau i’w gweld yma... / Highlights of tonight’s competitions can be seen here ... @eisteddfod #dawnsiogwerin DawnsioGwerin photo
4 days ago
Llond llwyfan o ddawnsio yng nghystadleuaeth Tlws Coffa Loïs Blake @eisteddfod #dawnsiogwerin DawnsioGwerin photo